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Dividing a Real Estate in Divorce without a Dispute

Divorces are unhappy events in any marriage nor are they easy to take place. There would be a rare divorce case which concludes without any dispute over assets owned by the spouses. The spouses may own properties such as cars, house, furniture etc. this jointly owned property is called ‘marital property’. In most of the divorce cases, the disputes are…read more →

Attributes of a Successful Family Law Attorney

Given the number of family law cases every day, there are hundreds of family law attorney in the US, that carry out the cases in family court; and in that case, it may be difficult for someone to choose the right attorney for a particular family case. Finding an attorney becomes more stressful and challenging task when you are not…read more →

Dealing With The Divorce Process

There is always some uncertainty when someone opts to meet with a divorce lawyer. They want to know what to expect during the legal process to help prepare themselves for what tribulations lie ahead. They want to get a general idea of how long the process takes, the costs involved, the requirements and the potential result. All these things cannot…read more →

Preparing For A Child Custody Hearing In A Divorce Case

Dissolution of marriage or a divorce can be a trying experience, however, if children are involved then simply the idea of losing custody of your children can be a terrifying thought. The primary factor that any judge will consider when determining custody is the child’s best interest. The behavior exhibited by parents during a custody proceeding may influence the judge’s…read more →

Resolving Child Custody Cases In An Amicable Manner

Prior to taking a divorce case to trial, the level of conflict between a couple may be so intense that the parties are incapable of implementing a parenting plan. The obvious signs of a highly contested divorce include problems like: Excessive litigation Anger Distrust Verbal abuse Threats Physical aggressiveness Poor communication Lack of cooperation on parenting matters. Engaging in a…read more →

Your Guide To Planning For Divorce In Arizona

Planning for divorce is crucial if you have decided to end your marriage. Proper planning is needed to protect yourself as you move forward with the divorce. The thing to note is that planning for a divorce should be done before you discuss the divorce with your spouse and also before you file your paperwork with the court.

Military Divorce in Arizona

Military Divorce The divorce process for military personnel is the same as for anyone else. The procedures and processes are the same. However, in case you or your spouse is in the military, a number of factors that can affect the divorce process. Divorce Process for Military Couples The divorce process for military couples can take longer if one of…read more →

Division of the family’s property during divorce

Asset Division Division of the family’s property during divorce can be a difficult task, especially if the number of debts and assets are high and the couple have been married for a long time. In the less complicated cases, the couple can work out a plan for separation of property, debts, and assets that they both agree with. However, whatever…read more →

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