Asset Division in Arizona Divorce with Community Property

When a marriage ends in divorce, even if it was fairly amicable, the division of assets can become a fierce battleground.  It is important to have an aggressive and professional attorney to help you avoid unresolved disputes while still maintaining your financial interests.  In situations where parties are not on speaking terms, an experienced attorney can act in your interest during any and all communications.  The Cantor Law Group is composed of highly successful and well-known attorneys that specialize in family law including divorce, custody issues and asset division.  During the difficult transition to post-marital life, a compassionate attorney can help you move on in the strongest financial position possible.

Arizona: Community Property State

The State of Arizona has adopted laws that govern asset division and distribution, are based on the idea of “community property,” meaning that any asset that was acquired during the marriage is to be divided equally but individual property that can be proven to have been acquired before the marriage reverts to the original owner.    Inheritance is also considered to be the rightful property of the inheritor only and not subject to asset division.  The court will require documentation proving that assets fit into one category or the other.   Because asset and debt division can become hotly contested and extremely complicated, we recommend allowing an experienced attorney to help you establish which assets need to be taken into account.

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Some of the more common assets that are divided in a divorce include:

  • Real estate holdings.
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.
  • Personal property including home furnishings.
  • Financial assets such as stocks, bonds, 401K plans, pensions, benefits, accrued vacations.
  • Credit card points and frequent flyer miles.

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The division of marital assets can be a difficult and emotional task. We understand how complex it can be to identify, value and divide community property fairly.  Our firm has a deep understanding of the laws that govern community property & marital property division in Arizona and this will insure that you are not short changed in your divorce.  Our staff of highly experienced paralegals, investigators and law clerks thoroughly research and investigate your assets to assure you get what is rightfully yours.  The Cantor Law Group has over 70 years of combined experience with divorce and division of property in Arizona.

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