Collaborative Divorce in Arizona

Collaborative divorce in Arizona involves each divorcing party hiring their own collaborative divorce lawyer and signing an agreement to cooperate honestly for out-of-court and amicable divorce resolution.

Collaborative Divorce Process

The Collaborative Divorce process begins with a goal. The goal of collaborative divorce is to empower divorcing parties to cooperate towards efficient and timely conclusion of their divorce settlement.  Collaborate divorce agreement includes clauses for representing lawyers to withdraw from the case, should spouses breach terms of integrity or cooperation.  Should litigation arise, the cooperative divorce lawyer will not proceed to represent the client in court.

Divorcing parties often wish to achieve speedy and harmonious settlement of their divorce without court interference. One of the principle benefits of collaborative divorce is that you get to be very involved in the decision-making process of the divorce. You and your spouse will be in control of the negotiation and outcome of a collaborative divorce and there won’t be a judge making final decisions for your family.   At Cantor Law Group, we have Phoenix-based Collaborative divorce lawyers who specialize in representing clients to this end.  Gaining a divorce resolution that benefits both parties is possible through collaborative divorce proceedings.

Our team of divorce lawyers successfully resolve divorces through collaborative agreement.  We guide the person being represented each step of the way to ensure the terms of the agreement are adhered to, reducing potential of hostility and court litigation.  We are happy to discuss your options with you in a free consultation.

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Collaborative Divorce: Cooperative & Private

Collaborative divorces are designed to avoid court proceedings.  Divorcing parties and their collaborative divorce lawyers engage in out-of-court private consultation to reach agreeable decisions for:

Although represented by divorce attorneys from different firms, each divorcing marital partner must ultimately make the decisions for the terms of their divorce. Proceedings in collaborative divorce agreements are without courtroom stress and enable spouses to negotiate their marriage division with harmony, especially beneficial where a child or children are implicated.

If you live in Arizona and are interested in collaborative divorce, get in touch with our Arizona legal team for further information about collaborative divorce, and arrange a free consultation. The consultation takes about 30 minutes and we’ll find out about your specific situation and recommend options that are the best for you and your family.

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