Contested Divorce in Arizona

The State of Arizona expects divorcing parties to provide evidence of an “irretrievably broken” marriage for separation and divorce settlement.  If you and your spouse are divorcing and not able to reach important decisions together about your children, assets and property, a Scottsdale divorce lawyer can help you protect your rights through the divorce process.

What is a Contested Divorce in Arizona?

A contested divorce in Arizona is one in which legally represented spouses cannot agree on the terms of their separation and divorce.  Where divorcing spouses are unable to make final decisions about child custody, visitation rights, support, and asset/property division, a judge is needed to pass legal judgment on divorce terms and protect the rights of individuals. The majority of divorce cases in Arizona are contested.

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Contested Divorce proceedings include:

  • Initial filing of a divorce “petition” to notify of intent to divorce a spouse
  • Providing the spouse with a “summons” as formal notification of divorce proceedings
  • A formal “response” as acknowledgement of the summons by the receiving spouse
  • Formal pre-trial court requests through “motions” – example is a restraining order
  • Information gathering of supportive evidence through “discovery”, including interviews and depositions
  • “Hearings” where a judge makes decisions on interim divorce terms, such as those pertaining to child custody and restraining orders where necessary
  • A “trial” presided over by a judge who weighs evidence, testimony and records presented by each spouse’s legal team
  • The “judgment” that includes final decisions on divorce terms for the benefit of both parties to formally terminate the marriage contract

Contested Divorce Attorney: Helping Phoenix & all of Arizona

Our family law attorneys understand the complexities of divorce cases and how best to handle divorce cases that contested and go to trial. Court proceedings and final divorce judgments may significantly affect the parties involved. If you are contesting a divorce in Arizona, then the chances are good that you will have a contentious fight on your hands so hiring an aggressive and experienced attorney that will fight for your rights is the smartest decision you can make. The last thing you want is for the judge to rule against you in a contested divorce.

Should you be involved in a separation and have difficulty agreeing divorce terms with your spouse, get in touch with us.  We have experienced divorce lawyers in Phoenix who specialize in resolving contested divorce cases with beneficial results for clients. To get in touch with a Divorce Attorney, please call (602) 691-6385 to schedule a free consultation. You can also use our secure and confidential web form to send us an email.