Child Custody Modification Orders in Arizona

Custody modification motions cannot be filed until one year after the date of the original custody decree unless there are filed affidavits alleging that the current living arrangements of the child or children seriously threaten their mental, physical, moral, or emotional health. A joint custody order can be modified if there has been an incident of child abuse or domestic violence at any time since the original custody order. In addition, a parent has the option to request modification of a joint custody order if after six months the other party has failed to abide by the provisions of the court order.

How to Modify a Child Custody Order?

If an individual wishes to modify a child custody order, then he or she must submit a verified petition or affidavit laying out the facts that support the requested modification. The petition or affidavit will be served on the opposing party or any other party with an interest in the proceedings who might object to the changes taking place. The opposing party may then also file an affidavit opposing the proposed modifications. If the court deems that there is an adequate cause for custody modification, a date will be set for a hearing.

When a divorce proceeding involves a custody order, an experienced family lawyer can help individuals to assess the likely outcome of any hearing and to prepare their case. In Arizona, the courts always put the interests of the children first and they will take into account many factors such as which parent provided primary care for the child, the wishes of the child and which parent is most likely to allow for meaningful interaction with the other parent. The Arizona courts have ruled that the negative attitude of one parent to the other that affected visitation was sufficient to justify a change in custody. However, in general, if children have been in one home for a substantial period and there are no issues with that home then it is usually deemed not to be in the best interests of the children to modify the arrangement.

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