Divorce Mediation in Arizona

For those individuals who are involved in a family law dispute, mediation should always be the first option. Regardless if the situation is legal separation, divorce, child custody or a parental access modification action; mediation can be the best, fairest and most cost-effective solution for family law disputes in Arizona.

Divorce mediation allows the parties in a dispute to reach their own resolution without having a decision imposed by a judge. A mediator’s primary responsibility is to help the parties reach a voluntary agreement on the contested issues. A good mediator will be able to propose creative solutions that are tailored to their client’s specific needs. This is advantageous for the client. An arbitrary decision that is imposed by a judge or an arbitrator who does not know the client or understand the client’s circumstances may not be the best decision for that individual.

Benefits to Using Mediation for a Divorce

Mediation has other benefits for our clients. Traditional litigation will typically take longer to resolve the dispute and is often more stressful. In addition, mediation is more likely to preserve the relationship between the parties and to allow both individuals to reach an agreement that is the best outcome for all parties involved. This is particularly important when the dispute involves children, as research has shown that parental conflict has a negative impact on the emotional well-being of their children. The results of mediation can also be kept confidential, which avoids any potential long-term negative effects or negative legal rulings on resolved issues.

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Mediation in Arizona Divorce

An experienced divorce mediator can use his or her judgment to advise their client on the likely outcome should the case go to court, although it should be remembered that the mediator’s responsibility is to help resolve the issue respectfully. Clients should be aware that for mediation to achieve a quick and satisfactory result, both parties have to be committed to the process. Mediation in Arizona divorces has been on the rise in recent years. One of the main drivers in this popularity was the recent recession period. A lot of folks here in Arizona took a more pragmatic approach to divorce since they didn’t have a lot of leverage (out of work, upside down on real estate, etc.) and they decided to work things out through mediation versus having a contentious divorce.

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